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Pre K for SA Losing Support

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Pre-K for SA Mixed Support

Pre K for SA Losing Support Among Women and Seniors

Pre K for SA Losing Support Among Women and Seniors

San Antonio, TX – PoliPolls’ newest San Antonio citywide poll finds the early lead that Pre-K4SA enjoyed has disappeared. Latest polling shows 51.38% to 30.26% against Pre-K4SA with 18.35% still undecided.  +/-5.0

Six weeks ago,  a independent Pre-K4SA poll was showing 56.66% for with 33.02% against and 10.32% undecided in the SAISD area with 1,377 SAISD likely voters contacted. +/- 5.0

The Pre-K4SA campaign has recently commenced their $600,000 media blitz which will narrow the polling numbers closer to Election Day.  Those numbers are increasingly changing and are a snapshot.

The most recent poll of 3,482 likely San Antonio voters conducted on October 16th, contained consistent voters. Seniors and women voters consistently across the city are currently against the Pre-K for SA Initiative.

Approximately a week ago, 250 Educators were polled and their numbers were mixed as well. They showed at 43.40% for with 35.85% against and 20.75% undecided. +/- 5.0

This poll was paid for or authorized by South Texas Alliance for Progress, a 501c organization. PoliPolls surveys are conducted through automated telephone interviews, in the consistent uniqueness with Public Policy Polling Methodology.

PoliPolls Polling

October 16, 2012

survey of 3,482 likely voters error +/-5.0

Q1. Will you be voting for the Pre-K Initiative Sales Tax Increase?

  1. 1.      Yes                   1,054………………….……….. 30.26%
  2. 2.      No                    1,789……………………………51.38%
  3. 3.      Undecided          639………………….…………18.35%


PoliPolls is the polling extension of The Political Group in San Antonio/Washington DC. For contact please call 202.470.0150.


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One Response to "Pre K for SA Losing Support"

  1. Matt Troy says:

    Logic would tell you that if there is an issue with students performance it is not because they started school at five years of age instead of four years. Mayor Castro has the idea that Big Government has the answer to all problems. He needs to look at the core issues of our educational problems. His tax will be levied upon all citizens of San Antonio and surrounding areas at a time when gas prices, food prices and energy prices are all climbing. Mayor Castro you can throw money at a problem JUST NOT OURS!

    Early voting begins 10-22-12 Monday. Keep this moving to your contacts in the San Antonio area.

    Pre-K for SA Get informed, Get the facts!


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